Plan Teach Assess | Damian Cooper
Plan Teach Assess with Damian Cooper


Plan Teach Assess offers keynote addresses, full day and 2-day workshops for teacher sand administrators, and consulting services to individual schools and school districts. Sessions are tailored to fit the specific needs of a school or district/board by consulting with them prior to an event. Sessions feature an engaging and purposeful blend of information segments, classroom video, and hands-on tasks for the participants. 


Plan Teach assess Sessions offered include the following:


Validating Observation and Conversation when Assessing Learning 

Assessment for Learning

Research-Based Strategies and Tools that Promote Learning

Program Planning with the End in Mind

Unit and Program Design

Talk About Assessment

Eight Big Ideas to Improve Learning for All Students

The Road More or Less Travelled

Consulting Strategies for Program Department Staff

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Redefining Fair

How to Plan, Assess and Grade for Excellence in Mixed-Ability Classrooms

Fostering Assessment Literacy in Our Schools

Guidelines for School Administrators

Grading and Reporting for the 21st Century